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Top 50 Fresh Discursive Essay Topics (2019)

A discursive essay is an essential form of an essay in which we discuss a particular issue, problem or situation. A discursive essay is further divided into three categories. First is known as for and against essay, second is known as opinion essay and third is known as essays suggesting solutions to problems. A good discursive essay should consist of an introductory paragraph, the main body and a closing paragraph with summarized main points. 

Top 50 Fresh Discursive Essay Topics (2019)

The first step to write a discursive essay is to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea. If you are not able to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea for your discursive essay, you can get a list of the best discursive essay topics from experts of essay writing services. A list of discursive essay topics is given below;

  1. Is it necessary to give permission to GMOs to the food?
  2. What is the importance of eight hours of sleep for the adults?
  3. How technology addiction is changing the lives of the students?
  4. Is it an invasion of privacy to use drones for military purposes?
  5. It is necessary for us to use internet filters at public places like libraries and restaurants?
  6. How to expand the offshore drilling?
  7. What is the importance of offshore drilling?
  8. How is it possible for us to save our environment from the household wastes?
  9. What are the best ways to recycle household wastes for the purpose of improving our environment?
  10. How to improve the standards of the vehicles?
  11. How plastic water bottles are destroying our environment?
  12. How dating websites are improving the potential of romantic partners?
  13. What is the importance of social media advertising for the purpose of the success of a small business?
  14. How is social media impacting the academic performance of the students?
  15. Which are the best pets goldfish, cats or dogs
  16. What is the importance of drinking soup for the patients?
  17. What is the importance of watching movies on the big screens?
  18. What is the importance of grammar in the English language?
  19. What are the best methods to learn the non-native language?
  20. Is it necessary for us to remove cars with bicycles on the roads?
  21. What is the importance of zoos for the entertainment and knowledge of the students?
  22. What is the importance of wearing a uniform for the students?
  23. How can we create unity with the help of wearing uniform in the schools?
  24. What are the possible pros and cons of playing videos games for the children?
  25. How the lifestyles of teenagers are affecting obesity?
  26. How social media sites are impacting the reading habits of the students?
  27. What are the possible roles of film stars and pop artists for the moral development of young people?
  28. What are the possible ways to increase the study habits of the students?
  29. What are the possible ways to improve the performance of the students?
  30. How TV reality shows are helpful for us to get an idea about new talent?
  31. Can we change the fundamental role of the women in our society in the next decade?
  32. Which war was most destructive in the history first world war or Second World War?
  33. Who is the world’s worst dictator?
  34. Should chemical weapons be allowed in the wars?
  35. How the government can interfere in the economic markets?
  36. What are the basic reasons for too high prices of the houses?
  37. Should religious education be a part of the academic syllabus of the students?
  38. Write the pros and cons of the United States educational system for young children
  39. Is it necessary for a student to learn a new language which is part of his education?
  40. How is it possible for us to build environmentally friendly houses?
  41. Should big houses pay taxes?
  42. How revolutions exist in modern society?
  43.  Is it helpful to give tax relaxation to the small business owners for the economic growth of a country?
  44. Should we get enough tax from the big business owners?
  45. What are the best ways to give happiness to the scientists?
  46. Is it necessary for a country to spend more money on science rather than the military?
  47. What is a scientific theory?
  48. What are common misconceptions about the scientific theory?
  49. Is it necessary for a country to provide free health care services to their patients?
  50. How can we improve our political system?

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