Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Top 5 YouTube Channels with Largest Number of Subscribers and Views

5 YouTube Channels
A YouTube channel is created by users for personal or business use. businesses can benefit from these channels as they can upload relevant and useful stuff for their users so that they can get to know what products and services they are selling and there are many individuals too who crate these channels to make fans and stay connected with family or friends too. All the users need to need to in order to make a personal channel on YouTube is to create a personal account and then create the business YouTube channel. Once the channel has been created, it can be used to connect with people about a company, its products, promo actions and everything else that the business owners want to share with them. They can place a map on the YouTube channel, so the customers will know where to find them. YouTube videos are easily embedded for maximum share-ability.

YouTube monitoring is used for analysis of the Channels. If you have a YouTube channel, you can monitor the growing size of your target audience, gain valuable insights into current audience characteristics, and use this data to identify new target audiences for YouTube campaigns. Along with this, you can follow audience statistics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that correlates demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity across the YouTube community. There are hundreds and thousands of YouTube channels that have largest number of statistics and views and this is the right way for users to know which channel is the best and why it is being followed by so many people. These YouTube channels provide a great source of entertainment to people and by using them, people understand why a particular channel is so popular. Here is a list prepared by The Academic Papers UK, a best dissertation writing services UK provider, containing list of top 5 YouTube channels with largest number of subscribers and views

FEEL MY STYLE: FEEL MY STYLE is a football channel that has 125 uploaded videos for football lovers. With 1,292,491subscribers and 551,542,272 this channel has made its way to the top with some of the most amazing and exciting videos that it offers to its viewers. A thorough sports channel that comes to users from USA, this channel was created on Apr 17th, 2013 and it has managed to make its way to the general users in a very short span of time. Users can also become a fan of "FMS" on Facebook in order to get quick updates about this channel. This channel offers the best entertainment and football clips and videos to people who love football and want to see some of the great moments in the history of this game.

T-Series: With the slogan "Music can change the world". T-Series is the second largest YouTube channel with largest number of subscribers and views. It is also India's largest Music Label & Movie Studio and believes that the world can come closer with music. T-Series has been associated with music industry since the past three decades, having ample catalogue of music comprising plenty of languages that covers the length and breadth of India. with 10,406 uploads, 15,871,098 subscribers and 14,887,555,940 video views, T-series has made a good place for itself at YouTube and continues to get more subscribes with every passing day. It was created on March 13th, 2006 and since then, it has come a long way entertaining people with the best music India has to produce.

Ryan Toys Review: With 676 uploads and 6,443,474 subscribers, Ryan Toys Review has become very popular among YouTube users. Till now it has 10,215,860,930 which is a huge number considering that it only targets a specific group of people. An entertainment channel that was launched on Mar 17th, 2015, it has made its place among the top YouTube channels with its really amazing videos. It provides kids a chance to interact with a kid and see which toys are the best for them. from cars to trains and cartoons like Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure it has so much to offer.

Canal KondZilla: A Brazilian channel, this is one of the most top rated YouTube channel with largest number of subscribers and views. It has 332 uploads at this time with 10,404,353 subscribers. With 4,451,554,107 video views, this channel has become so popular in a relatively shorter period of time as it was established on Mar 21st, 2012. It offers a great selection of top quality and entertaining videos for its users.

Ed Sheeran: With 89 uploads only, this is one of the most popular YouTube channel as it has largest number of subscribers and views. With 12,095,993 and 4,333,146,773 video views, this channel has made its place very quickly among the top competitors as it was established on Aug 8th, 2006. A music channel, it has some of the most exciting music videos as well as other videos that include the making of these videos, lyric writing as well as behind the scene videos that are pretty entertaining and provide users a chance to enjoy how singers compose music and sing.

What makes a channel so popular on YouTube and gets it highest number of subscribers and views is that content that is available for users. People come to YouTube for entertainment and to see something new and exciting that they will not get anywhere else. Keeping this in mind, these YouTube channels have been ensuring that they provide the best entertainment to the users in their genres. Being music channels they are offering some of the best and latest much releases while being sport channel, they are offering the best information and videos related to it. The better the channels will understand what people are looking for, the better they will be able to cater to their needs and enjoy largest number of subscription and views that will take them up in ranking.