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Nursing Essay – Features, Topics, And Writing Tips for Students

Nursing Essay
As a student, you might not have thought that the nursing field would require essays. Know that you are wrong in your thinking. Nursing is a field that requires students to write essays. This could be about getting admission into the nursing college or a part of coursework at the nursing college. Whatever the case is, writing a perfect nursing essay is important for students. In today’s article, we will discuss this essay only. We will discuss its features, some hot topics, and top tips that can help you write an effective nursing college essay. So, let’s get started with the topic by defining it first.

What Is A Nursing Essay and What Are Good Topics for It?

A nursing essay is an academic essay on a nursing topic. Students write this essay either to grab admission to a nursing school or showcase their knowledge of the nursing field. It is important to note that this kind of essay is highly academic and is written for a knowledgeable audience who are also linked to this field. There are different narratives about the type of this essay. Some say it is a type of expository essay, and some say it is not. However, one thing is sure it is not like other essay types. The topics of a nursing essay are highly academic. Some of the topics are given as follows:
  • What are the steps needed to take to cure minor wounds on elbows?
  • What is home nursing? How to perform this kind of nursing?
  • Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicine to a patient?
  • The infant mortality rate in the UK and its possible causes
  • Is nursing a female-centric profession?

Features Of A Perfect Nursing Essay

Writing a nursing essay is important for every nursing student. However, do you know what the features of a good nursing college essay are? Most probably not. Well, do not worry at all. A perfect essay written in the field of nursing must have some features. A brief description of those features is given below:
  • It has the most engaging and attention-grabbing introduction. The reader, after reading the introduction, finishes the essay.
  • It discusses a central idea throughout the essay. It means a perfect nursing essay only talks about the problem or issue.
  • Well-structured body paragraphs is another feature of this essay that you must take care of when writing it.
  • Lastly, this essay has a conclusion that summarises all the information well.

Nursing Essay Writing Tips For Students

The nursing college essay is different from other kinds of essays. Writing this essay is a very challenging task. Therefore, before writing it, you must know the top writing tips that can help during the writing phase. Hence, the top tips are as follows:

Read The Essay Writing Guidelines

First things first, you must go through the essay writing guidelines. This is done to make sure that you understand the essay writing task fully and know what is required from you. The guideline also includes information about the word count required, preferred writing style, and citation style. Hence, go through them as early as possible.

Choose A Good Essay Topic

The 2nd tip about writing a perfect nursing essay is that you must choose a good topic. It should be a topic that you are interested in. Furthermore, the chosen topic must not be too broad in its scope. Hence, think critically and choose a topic that suits your research interests.

Structure The Essay Right

The structure of a nursing essay holds the most importance. As the writer, you must structure it in the best way. Normally, there are three components of a nursing college essay – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You must also follow this structure and discuss the chosen nursing topic this way.

Don’t Submit Without Editing

Submitting the essay without editing is a huge mistake. The reason is that there are still many mistakes in your essay that needs to be corrected. Not correcting those mistakes and submitting the essay as it can cost you heavily in the final assessment. Therefore, edit and proofread the essay well and leave no errors uncorrected before submission.

Make A Plan And Then Write

Lastly, writing without a plan is not recommended at all. As the writer, you must create a plan for the essay, how you will write it and what you will include in it. Planning is important because it does not let you get off track at any stage of the nursing essay. However, if you are not able to plan well for your essay, you must buy essay online.


In this guidepost, we have discussed what a nursing essay is and what its features are. Along with this, the top tips for writing this essay have also been discussed above. It is now your duty to read the information given above. Hence, read, follow, and write the essay accordingly.