Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Write an Effective Research Paper

Effective Research Paper

The research paper is basically an academic paper which consists of original results and reviews that is written in journals. It’s a linear process to write such a paper it’s often a difficult and harder task to do. Firstly, you have to discover, narrow and focus research able topic. You should find, select and read the sources on the topic of the research paper. You should do grouping, sequencing and documenting the information about your research paper. You should write an outline and a prospectus for your research paper. Also write the introduction. Then write the body of the text. Write the conclusion. Then revise the final draft.

You should write that topic in which you have interest. Then discuss your topic with your supervisor. You can find, select and read your information sources through journal, books and other documents available on the internet. You should know the topic and what are the reason and its significance. The background material should be relevant to the research topic. You should know your thesis or research topic that you’re writing. You should know the purpose of writing your statement. You must know the organizational plan that best supports your purpose.

In writing introduction, the background of the text should be relevant to the contextual material. Define the necessary concepts and terms. You need to explain your specific purpose or concept of the paper. Then you must need to reveal your plan of organization. Use flexible guides to define your outline and prospectus. Write points on which you want to write the essay. Add different types of sources to your discussion area. You should merely explain, evaluate, analyse and summarize the published work rather than reporting. Now you need to turn to write conclusion of the research paper.

Don’t use complex argument or point in your writing, which confuses the reader to understand it properly. Then you need to explain the significance of the research paper. Write in details to the general level of the topic in the context provided by the introduction. Then see what further research needs the topic? Always remember that your introduction should be logical and coherent your conclusion should be effective. You should discuss the introduction in depth. Introduction should be in the body of the research papers. In paragraph writing, you may include topic sentences, the sequence of ideas and you can use enough detail to support your generalization. You can add summary sentences where they are necessary. Your sentence should be structured the word choices are correct.

There should no spelling and punctuation mistake in writing the paper. Remember one thing that your paper should be plagiarism free and there should be nothing to copy paste. It will waste all your effort on your research paper if you do this. So avoid to write any one’s else’s wording in your academic paper. Your paper contains all your own ideas and wordings which you want to write. Also remember that the citation in the research paper should be cited well and properly. The paper should be error free.


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