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Start Your Own Blog and Earn Money

Blogging has become a great source of income and there are many who are earning handsome amount by creating their blogs. If you are interested to earn by creating a blog but is not able to write blog posts due to lack of time or lack of writing skills, he can get from the experts of the blog writing services the UK.

How to Start Your Blog

A website whose main focus is on the written content is known as a blog. You can start a blog on any topic. With the help of the blog, a writer tries to explain his own point of view on any topic and tries to connect with the readers. There is also a comments section in each blog and the readers can share their views about the blog posts in the comments section.

1) Decide Your Niche and Select a unique name for your blog

The first step to start a blog is to pick the name of your blog. For example, if you are interested in the fashion industry and you want to start a blog on fashion, you will have to pick an interesting blog name.

The name should be unique as it represents your area of interest. A general name and a general blog that covers everything will not get ranking in Google easily. So, be specific about your niche. 

2) Select the Best Hosting and Template

After choosing an interesting and intriguing name for your blog, the next step is to get your blog online. There are free as well as paid hosting for a blog. If you are interested in free blog hosting, Blogger is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in paid blog hosting, you can choose BlueHost or any other hosting. After that, you will have to customize your blog.

Most of the people don’t know how to choose the best template and tweak it according to the niche of their blog. Choose the best blog template and tweak it according to the requirements of your blog.

3) Write blog posts

After customizing your blog, the next step is to write blog posts for your blog. No doubt, to create unique content for the blog posts is also a tricky task for the bloggers. Moreover, there are specific ways you need to learn how to upload content on a regular basis. The people can also write these blog posts by getting help from the experts of writing services in the UK.

4) Promote Your Blog

After that, you will have to promote your blog. With the help of blog promotion, you can easily drive traffic towards your blog. You can also avail the services of a marketing agency or an SEO Specialist for the purpose of promotion of your blog.

5) Start Earning

At last, there comes the money making process from the blog. These expert writers can also provide you with the best tips and guidelines to earn money from your blog. They will also provide you with some essential tips on how to approve Google Adsense account on your blog.

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Top 10 Free Video Editing Apps

Manipulation and arrangement of the video shots are known as video editing. With the help of video editing, it is possible for us to structure all the information of the video. There are different types of video editing like linear video editing, non-linear video editing, offline editing, online editing and vision mixing, etc. Video editing is helpful for us in various ways like it can review all the footage and audio, it can make or break a video and it is helpful to make some creative decisions. 

Top 10 Free Video Editors

Video editing has been democratized dramatically because lots of video editing software’s are available on the internet. In this video editing software, there are some paid and some free software.  A list of 10 free videos editing apps, is given below;

1) Blender

Blender is essential to free video editing software that is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. This video editing software can fulfill lots of your video editing needs. Blender is the best software for those projects in which 3D animation is involved. Some essential features of this software are given below;
It has a live preview
You can add and mix audio with the help of waveform visualization
It provides a facility of almost 32 slots to mix audio, video and image effects
You can also control the speed of your video on it
You can also adjust the layers with the help of this software

2) Lightworks

Lightworks is also available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its free version is enough for the users. Anyhow, if you want to use its advanced features, you can also use its paid version whose cost is $25 per month. In the free version of this software, you can get the following features;
You can get high precision of the video editing
You can edit your video with the help of Multicam support
You can export video for Youtube up to 720p
It can support a wide range of video formats

3) Shortcut

The shortcut is also free video editing software that is available in Linux, Mac and Windows. It is fully open software and after downloading it, you can use all of its features free of cost. Some essential features of this software are given below;
It can support a wide range of video formats
It has 4K HD resolution support
You can edit your video in its timeline. In other words, it has native timeline editing.

4) VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC free video editing software is available only on Windows. Its free version has lots of features for users like color correlation and audio editing. The most important quality of this software is that it is straightforward to learn and it has lots of powerful features. Anyhow, you can also buy its version that is available for $9.99 per month. In its paid version, you can also enjoy some extra features like image stabilization and voice over support, etc.

5) Avidemux

Avidemux free video editing software is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. If you are a beginner in video editing, this software is very helpful to you because it has easy to use interface. Some essential features of this software are given below;
It is very simple software and you don’t need to read technical docs to understand its features.
Simple cutting options
Simple encoding 
You can easily filter your videos

6) HitFilm Express

It is available for both Mac and Windows. It is professional video editing software and it has almost all the features that a video editor requires to edit his videos. Some essential features of this software are given below;
It has advanced cutting tools
You can use some keys for the green screen effects
It has advanced audio and video filters
It has also compositing tools
It can support 3D videos

7) DaVinci Resolve

It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is also advanced video editing software because it has lots of professional video editing features. Some essential features of this video editing software are given below;
It has an advanced trimming feature
You can edit your video with the help of Multicam
It has an advanced color correlation
Audio mastering

8) OpenShot

It is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Most of the video editors like it very much due to it's easy to use drag and drop interface. Some essential features of this software are given below;
It has unlimited tracks and layers for the audio, video and pictures mixing
You can also enjoy video transitions with the help of real-time previews
You can also add watermarks in your videos
The timeline of this software is also advanced

9) iMovie

This essential software is just available on the Mac. It is easy to learn for the users and the users can enjoy the following features while using this essential software;
It has a library for pre-made transitions
You can edit the audio of your video
You can trim your video
You can split the screen
It can support 4K resolution

10) VideoPad

This video editing software is available just on the Windows. It is one of the most important software in multimedia video editing. You can enjoy the following features of this software;
It has also a library of pre-made transitions
You can export your video into multi resolutions
You can reduce the shakes of the camera
It has also sound effects library


Video editing is used for various purposes. In order to edit the videos, there requires a video editing software. Most of the video editing software’s are available in paid versions only. Some people are not able to buy these paid versions of the software and they want to use free video editing software. Some essential free video editing software are; Blender, Lightworks, Shortcut, VSDC, Avidemux, Hitfilm Express, DaVinci Resolve, OpenShot, iMovie and VideoPad, etc. 

Author's Bio

Mary Grace is the freelance writer and academic consultant at Affordable Dissertation UK. She offers custom solutions to dissertation writing and coursework writing by guiding students in selecting correct format, methods and writing style.

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Top 50 Fresh Discursive Essay Topics (2019)

A discursive essay is an essential form of an essay in which we discuss a particular issue, problem or situation. A discursive essay is further divided into three categories. First is known as for and against essay, second is known as opinion essay and third is known as essays suggesting solutions to problems. A good discursive essay should consist of an introductory paragraph, the main body and a closing paragraph with summarized main points. 

Top 50 Fresh Discursive Essay Topics (2019)

The first step to write a discursive essay is to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea. If you are not able to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea for your discursive essay, you can get a list of the best discursive essay topics from experts of essay writing services. A list of discursive essay topics is given below;

  1. Is it necessary to give permission to GMOs to the food?
  2. What is the importance of eight hours of sleep for the adults?
  3. How technology addiction is changing the lives of the students?
  4. Is it an invasion of privacy to use drones for military purposes?
  5. It is necessary for us to use internet filters at public places like libraries and restaurants?
  6. How to expand the offshore drilling?
  7. What is the importance of offshore drilling?
  8. How is it possible for us to save our environment from the household wastes?
  9. What are the best ways to recycle household wastes for the purpose of improving our environment?
  10. How to improve the standards of the vehicles?
  11. How plastic water bottles are destroying our environment?
  12. How dating websites are improving the potential of romantic partners?
  13. What is the importance of social media advertising for the purpose of the success of a small business?
  14. How is social media impacting the academic performance of the students?
  15. Which are the best pets goldfish, cats or dogs
  16. What is the importance of drinking soup for the patients?
  17. What is the importance of watching movies on the big screens?
  18. What is the importance of grammar in the English language?
  19. What are the best methods to learn the non-native language?
  20. Is it necessary for us to remove cars with bicycles on the roads?
  21. What is the importance of zoos for the entertainment and knowledge of the students?
  22. What is the importance of wearing a uniform for the students?
  23. How can we create unity with the help of wearing uniform in the schools?
  24. What are the possible pros and cons of playing videos games for the children?
  25. How the lifestyles of teenagers are affecting obesity?
  26. How social media sites are impacting the reading habits of the students?
  27. What are the possible roles of film stars and pop artists for the moral development of young people?
  28. What are the possible ways to increase the study habits of the students?
  29. What are the possible ways to improve the performance of the students?
  30. How TV reality shows are helpful for us to get an idea about new talent?
  31. Can we change the fundamental role of the women in our society in the next decade?
  32. Which war was most destructive in the history first world war or Second World War?
  33. Who is the world’s worst dictator?
  34. Should chemical weapons be allowed in the wars?
  35. How the government can interfere in the economic markets?
  36. What are the basic reasons for too high prices of the houses?
  37. Should religious education be a part of the academic syllabus of the students?
  38. Write the pros and cons of the United States educational system for young children
  39. Is it necessary for a student to learn a new language which is part of his education?
  40. How is it possible for us to build environmentally friendly houses?
  41. Should big houses pay taxes?
  42. How revolutions exist in modern society?
  43.  Is it helpful to give tax relaxation to the small business owners for the economic growth of a country?
  44. Should we get enough tax from the big business owners?
  45. What are the best ways to give happiness to the scientists?
  46. Is it necessary for a country to spend more money on science rather than the military?
  47. What is a scientific theory?
  48. What are common misconceptions about the scientific theory?
  49. Is it necessary for a country to provide free health care services to their patients?
  50. How can we improve our political system?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Top 5 YouTube Channels with Largest Number of Subscribers and Views

5 YouTube Channels
A YouTube channel is created by users for personal or business use. businesses can benefit from these channels as they can upload relevant and useful stuff for their users so that they can get to know what products and services they are selling and there are many individuals too who crate these channels to make fans and stay connected with family or friends too. All the users need to need to in order to make a personal channel on YouTube is to create a personal account and then create the business YouTube channel. Once the channel has been created, it can be used to connect with people about a company, its products, promo actions and everything else that the business owners want to share with them. They can place a map on the YouTube channel, so the customers will know where to find them. YouTube videos are easily embedded for maximum share-ability.

YouTube monitoring is used for analysis of the Channels. If you have a YouTube channel, you can monitor the growing size of your target audience, gain valuable insights into current audience characteristics, and use this data to identify new target audiences for YouTube campaigns. Along with this, you can follow audience statistics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that correlates demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity across the YouTube community. There are hundreds and thousands of YouTube channels that have largest number of statistics and views and this is the right way for users to know which channel is the best and why it is being followed by so many people. These YouTube channels provide a great source of entertainment to people and by using them, people understand why a particular channel is so popular. Here is a list prepared by The Academic Papers UK, a best dissertation writing services UK provider, containing list of top 5 YouTube channels with largest number of subscribers and views

FEEL MY STYLE: FEEL MY STYLE is a football channel that has 125 uploaded videos for football lovers. With 1,292,491subscribers and 551,542,272 this channel has made its way to the top with some of the most amazing and exciting videos that it offers to its viewers. A thorough sports channel that comes to users from USA, this channel was created on Apr 17th, 2013 and it has managed to make its way to the general users in a very short span of time. Users can also become a fan of "FMS" on Facebook in order to get quick updates about this channel. This channel offers the best entertainment and football clips and videos to people who love football and want to see some of the great moments in the history of this game.

T-Series: With the slogan "Music can change the world". T-Series is the second largest YouTube channel with largest number of subscribers and views. It is also India's largest Music Label & Movie Studio and believes that the world can come closer with music. T-Series has been associated with music industry since the past three decades, having ample catalogue of music comprising plenty of languages that covers the length and breadth of India. with 10,406 uploads, 15,871,098 subscribers and 14,887,555,940 video views, T-series has made a good place for itself at YouTube and continues to get more subscribes with every passing day. It was created on March 13th, 2006 and since then, it has come a long way entertaining people with the best music India has to produce.

Ryan Toys Review: With 676 uploads and 6,443,474 subscribers, Ryan Toys Review has become very popular among YouTube users. Till now it has 10,215,860,930 which is a huge number considering that it only targets a specific group of people. An entertainment channel that was launched on Mar 17th, 2015, it has made its place among the top YouTube channels with its really amazing videos. It provides kids a chance to interact with a kid and see which toys are the best for them. from cars to trains and cartoons like Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure it has so much to offer.

Canal KondZilla: A Brazilian channel, this is one of the most top rated YouTube channel with largest number of subscribers and views. It has 332 uploads at this time with 10,404,353 subscribers. With 4,451,554,107 video views, this channel has become so popular in a relatively shorter period of time as it was established on Mar 21st, 2012. It offers a great selection of top quality and entertaining videos for its users.

Ed Sheeran: With 89 uploads only, this is one of the most popular YouTube channel as it has largest number of subscribers and views. With 12,095,993 and 4,333,146,773 video views, this channel has made its place very quickly among the top competitors as it was established on Aug 8th, 2006. A music channel, it has some of the most exciting music videos as well as other videos that include the making of these videos, lyric writing as well as behind the scene videos that are pretty entertaining and provide users a chance to enjoy how singers compose music and sing.

What makes a channel so popular on YouTube and gets it highest number of subscribers and views is that content that is available for users. People come to YouTube for entertainment and to see something new and exciting that they will not get anywhere else. Keeping this in mind, these YouTube channels have been ensuring that they provide the best entertainment to the users in their genres. Being music channels they are offering some of the best and latest much releases while being sport channel, they are offering the best information and videos related to it. The better the channels will understand what people are looking for, the better they will be able to cater to their needs and enjoy largest number of subscription and views that will take them up in ranking.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to Complete Your Dissertation by Writing for Just 15 Minutes a Day

How to Complete Your Dissertation
It is a fact that the most difficult part of a thesis or dissertation is, not research, not interviews, it is writing. The writing is the most difficult part for most of the students. It gets really difficult to just sit down and write and write. It is not the most difficult task to do as per se, it is the most tedious, boring and time consuming task and it just makes it hard to concentrate on it. So if you feel this way, what if someone were to tell you that you can easily complete your dissertation by just writing for 15 minutes a day. Yes it is possible if you follow a few simple tips. These tips will not only help you write your dissertation but will help your writing over all generally. In order to start somewhere, you can start by writing for just 10 minutes a day, and just write.

Do not think or worry about making it clean, or about spelling mistakes. Just keep the topic in mind and write continuously. What you are writing right now is your first draft. Do not worry about being in line or making sense of stuff, what you need to concentrate on is filling up the pages with relevant stuff about the topic. Follow the basic rules of “free writing” and do not look back o check for mistakes, do not go back to cross something out, do not stop to choose from multiple words in your mind, write them all down. Keep writing for 10 minutes no matter what. When you’re done, just go through it once, you will notice that it is not as bad as you though it was. Most parts of it actually make sense.

Free write for 10 minutes for the next 2-3 days and then shift to 15 minutes a day. Now since the time is already set for 15 minutes, this will not be your primary goal. Your primary goal is to write a certain number of pages everyday in the allocated time and increase the no until you reach the optimum number. Something like 3 pages in 15 minutes or more. This will enable you to accumulate a large no. of written pages for your first draft. When you feel like you have a significant number of pages for the first draft, move on to the next step, creating the second draft. Keep writing the first draft for 15 minutes every day, but later on find the time to go through the previously written pages and straightening out the mistakes and errors to turn it in to the 2nd draft.

You do not have to set a time limit for this. To maximize productivity set a number of pages that you need to clear as the second draft. Start with a few pages and increase as you go. Keep in mind that during all this time, you need to keep researching and keep working on other aspects of your dissertations. That is where the raw data for the drafts come from. You have to incorporate all the data you collect in to your drafts regularly, or else you might forget some details or some important data might get lost. The reason we start with 10 minutes and later to 15 minutes is because writing can get very boring after a while and limiting it to 15 minutes a day and incorporating free writing helps keep your mind on track, because anyone can maintain concentration for at least 15 minutes.

But you do not have to stick to that figure. Depending on circumstances like days left till submission, upcoming social or personal obligations, any emergency events, other academic/job related work needed to be done, you might want to change the time form 15 minutes to 20 or maybe 30 minutes. If you feel like you have the stamina to free write for a whole day then you can just give one day to first draft, one day to the second draft and one day to draft 3, This will help you along the way as well. But in either of these cases a relentless dedication is required. There is no room for laziness and procrastination. Everything has to be done on time. If you leave even a single loose end, it might start a snowball effect that will unravel all of your hard work.

Eventually you will run out of raw data for the first draft. So it’s safe to assume that most of your research and interviews etc are also over, and the deadline is nearby. This is when you might want to go into an over drive mode and work on the 2nd and the 3rd draft. Also start giving your 3rd draft finishing touches to completely convert it to the final draft. The Final draft is what you will be submitting to the board as your dissertation. So make sure that whatever you’ve worked on is accurate and none of the information or data is missing. While creating final draft it is not a wise idea to recheck it for minor errors and other mistakes. That should be done with by the time you get to the 3rd draft.

Let’s recap. First draft, free writing and no checking for any errors of any kind. Just plain writing for a set number of minutes that gradually increase but to a certain level and the no. of pages to be written increase until it gets to an optimal no. Second draft, no time limit rather a page limit is set that gradually increases. Work on the 2nd draft will not start until there is enough data from first draft. The work is given a proper error free shape and is much cleaner than before. 3rd draft, further remove errors and mistakes, include further data while cleaning up the format etc. Finally the final draft, when the 3rd draft is cleaned up so that it’s ready for submission.

Author Bio:
Author of the article is working with a dissertation writing service provider company “The Academic Papers UK”. However, due to his interest in writing, he often writes for different tech, social and education issues.

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What is Dissertation Writing All About - Some Important Points to Note

Dissertation Writing
There are many students who do not know what writing a dissertation is all about and how they should work the right way in order to succeed and enjoy the best results in class without facing any trouble. No matter in which part of the world students live or study, it is up to them to make sure that they understand what is a dissertation, how it is write and what are the important pints about it that they must remember in order to do well in class. There are dissertation writing services available to provide them best help.

Students need to know that a dissertation is a long, detailed and highly research academic paper that is written after a lot of consideration and analysis on the given topic and subject. The main reason why dissertations are assigned to students by teachers is to check out if the students have been able to learn well in their class and if they are ready to move forward and enjoy success. Teachers also want to see if the students are serious and dedicated to their education and they really want to pursue the right path and enter the professional world.

For students, writing a dissertation is all about knowing what the teachers are asking them to do and complying with everything that they have been told. They must follow the instructions and the guidelines that have been given by the teachers to showcase their skills and talents to them and work hard to beat tough competition and make their way to the top. This article helps students to understand what dissertation writing is all about and provides them some important points to know in order to write a top quality and custom paper.

The first and the most important point for students to know is that they are given a limited time to complete their paper and they must working during that time because they will not get any extra time. Not completing their dissertation in the given time can create problem for them and they can land in trouble and lose marks. Another key point students need to keep in mind is that they should remember the guidelines and instructions that have been given by teachers and write the best paper. They should only discuss the topic and the subject that they have been assigned by the teacher as this is the only way for them to succeed most easily and get their degrees on time.

It is important for students to know that they must avoid plagiarism at all costs and make sure that they come up with points and arguments on their own and even if they are using content from other source, they give due credit to the writer. Teachers take plagiarism very seriously because they want to see how much the students have understood and how much they are capable of working on their own and check each and every paper thoroughly so they must take caution and work carefully.

Monday, March 4, 2019

How Do Social Media Influence Interpersonal Communication?

Social Media Influence
The process in which people can exchange information and feelings with the help of both verbal and non-verbal messages is known as interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is also known as face to face communication. The main elements of the interpersonal communication are communicators, message, noise, feedback, context and channel. Nowadays, social media is the best way to enhance and influence interpersonal communication. Its reason is that there are more than 2.5 billion users of social media and people can interact with them and share their views with them. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss how social media is influencing interpersonal communication.

Create a sense of urgency and a need to share: The first social media platform was introduced in 2004. After its launch, Facebook allowed the people to share their views in the form of genius thoughts, solutions of academic problems, videos and much more. These social media sites have manifested a need for a constant internet connection. For example, most celebrities have their accounts on Twitter. They know that their followers like to know about them. Therefore, these celebrities constantly share their life events and their views on Twitter. If we talk about the perspective of interpersonal communication, one can easily transmit information through these social media accounts and they can easily receive instant feedback from their friends.

Provide an inside perspective of faraway places: These social media sites have also enabled people to share their views in all around the world. One can easily share his event on social media and he can involve his friends in this event. In a similar way, one can also get involved in the events of his friends. After getting interaction with people from all around the world, one can get enough chances to exchange his information and feelings. Moreover, one can also get the foreigner’s view about specific issues. These activities can also become a cause of influencing the interpersonal communication of the students.

Share the full story instead of highlight: Most of the people think that they can only share a particular picture on these social media sites. They should also come to know that nowadays, these social media sites are providing a chance to their users to share their whole story instead of just highlight. For this reason, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the best choices for them. After sharing the whole story, they can increase their chances to get involved with their friends. As a result, their interpersonal skills will also enhance.

Made digital messages more personal: These social media sites are also providing lots of customizing options to their students. These customizing options allow the students to draw and filter the pictures. The students can easily draw and filter the pictures with the help of a single touch. This is an essential way to make fun with their friends. Moreover, these customizing options also allow people to get more interaction with their friends. This more interaction with friends can also influence their interpersonal communication skills.